St John Bosco School was established in 1942. It consisted of three classrooms and was staffed by the Sisters of the Mission. These dedicated women lived at the Convent in town and travelled daily by tram to teach at our school. Previously there were classes in a nearby homestead on a farm belonging to the Cameron family. This house was also used as a Mass centre for the people of Fitzroy.

When the school opened it was also used as a Church on Sundays and Holy Days. The Church was not built until 1958.

In February 1983 the school was integrated into the State System.

With the progress of the city, the Northgate motorway was formed and a large section of the school playground was acquired by the New Plymouth City Council.

The school roll continued to grow and more classrooms were needed. In 1987 one classroom was built, and in 1991 two more were moved onto the site, to replace relocatable rooms in poor condition.

1992 was an exciting year for the school. Not only did we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the school, but also the opening of an Administration block and staff room.

In 1994/95 two classrooms were built and extensive renovations made to the main classroom block. In 1996 the final stage (we thought) of upgrading with the long awaited library and upgrade
to the toilet block was completed. In 1999 our eighth classroom and resource/withdrawal rooms were built.

Year 2001 saw the roll grow again. Our maximum roll was increased to 240. A ninth classroom was needed and accompanying this we were entitled to a lot more administration space.

The neighbouring section was purchased by the Parish.

This became (a) a carpark (b) the present library, (c) the junior playground. A new staffroom, entrance way, office/reception area, sick bay, meeting room and IT learning area was blessed and opened by Bishop Owen Dolan on Sunday 22 August 2004.

ST JOHN BOSCO was born in Italy in 1815. He loved children and consecrated his whole life to them. He was a Priest who established a home for young boys, many of whom were orphans. It provided education and training as well as care.

John Bosco founded a congregation of religious sisters called The Daughters of Our Lady Help of Christians, and an order for mission priests – the Salesians. Today in 49 nations these Orders will carry on the work John Bosco began.

He died in 1888. He was canonized in 1934 and his feast day is on 31 January each year.

The Catholic School has a unique contribution to make within our education system. Essentially, it’s a community of faith, based on belief in God and a Christian way of life. It’s concerned with religious and moral values. The Christian Spirit permeates all areas of learning and school life. We work hard at providing a good Christian model for our children and fit in happily with the parish community. Our school is seen to be Catholic.

A class attends Friday Mass weekly and once a term there is a Parish and School Mass with input from our children.

In October we have a devotion to Our Blessed Lady and recite the rosary daily as a school. Mission Week is observed and funds raised to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

A Priest from St Joseph’s New Plymouth is asked to be our spiritual advisor. We are fortunate to have the services of Fr Frank Twiss, a Marist Priest, also to look after our school. Staff training is taken up through the Pastoral Centre in Palmeston North. The School has an appointed Director of Religious Studies.


Mr Dee Luckin

Rm 9 Teacher (Yr 5 & 6)

Mrs Cushla Young

Rm 8 Teacher (Yr 5 & 6)

Mr Ryan Fleming

Rm 7 Teacher (Yr 4 & 5)

Mrs Brenda Wright


Rm 6 Teacher (Yr 4)

Mrs Erin Savage

Rm Pohutukawa & DRS Teacher (Yr 3)

Mrs Jodie Mehana


Assistant Principal
& Rm 4 Teacher (Yr 2)

Mr Matthew Moorby


Rm 3 Teacher (Yr 2)

Mrs Trisha Welsh


Deputy Principal & Rm 2 Teacher (Yr 1)

Miss Catherine Allen


Rm 1 Teacher (Yr 1)

Miss Renee Coffey

Rm Puriri Teacher (Yr 0)

Mrs Deahne Peck Aro, Mrs Marion Moesbauer


CRT Reliever

Mrs Keryn Fothergill


Reading Recovery

Mrs Deahne Peck Aro


Mrs Andrea Pretty-Stone



Mr Brent Holswich


Teacher Aide

Mrs Merryn Quinn, Mrs Inthira Maniam, Mrs Cherie Smith, Mrs Kristal Gillespie, Miss Tanisha Perrett


Mrs Rini Sochidin

After School Care Manager

Mrs Martha Blackmore

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected every three years and plays a key role in the governance of the school. Next election to be held in May 2019.


Ronie Asi


Michael Normanton
Hamish Gunson
Roland Devine
Katrina Shepherd
Keri Fleming
Simon Mulligan
Benita Murray
Pauline Thomson

Staff Rep

Catherine Allen


Dee Luckin