We look forward to welcoming students back to school Thursday 31 January 2019. Keep an eye on your emails for more details.
- Monday Jan 14 - 6:05am

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On behalf of the whole school community, I welcome you to our school. We are pleased to have this opportunity to tell you about us, what we believe in and what makes our school so special.

St John Bosco is an integrated Catholic Primary School for boys and girls inclusive of Year 1 to Year 6 children. We have a distinct dimension within our school, which is referred to as the “Special Character”. Within this, we are able to live and teach the values of Christ Jesus.
Another special aspect of our school is the children themselves. They have fine reputations and are widely known for their exemplary standards of behaviour, their academic and cultural pursuits and their sporting achievements.

The staff provide a caring, student centred, learning environment that strives at all times towards excellence in academic, religious, cultural, sporting and recreational programmes. 
We enjoy and recognise the tremendous parental involvement within school and class programmes. The Board of Trustees and the School Fundraising group are active in ensuring the best for our children.

By choosing St John Bosco, parents are privileged in the knowledge that their children are receiving stimulating and creative modern educational opportunities within a well regulated and caring atmosphere that fosters self esteem, dignity and co-operation. 
As a Catholic integrated Primary School, and with very good reason, we are proud of our school and what we can offer.

Families of all Faith denominations have the right to apply for enrolment. We look forward to establishing a rapport with new families and to reinforcing relationships with those who are already part of our school community.